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When December rolls around (always so much sooner than we anticipate), it can be challenging to think of creative gift ideas. We find many people are scrambling well into the month to find something special or different that doesn’t scream same-old same-old. So, this year we decided to share some of our favorite “hot off the press” gift items for 2016/2017.

These are things either we currently use ourselves and/or have just learned about and are excited to give to our own friends and family (or teachers if you still have kids in school). And by the way, these ideas are not just about food but encompass all sorts of fun healthy ideas related to home goods, exercise, stress relief, beauty and more.

Let’s get this party started!

S’well bottles
are safe, non-toxic water/drink bottles and are on our list as not only do they come in pretty colors and look cool, they’re easier to drink from than containers with wider mouths. Plus, they are insulated which makes them perfect for anything hot or cold. The best part is they are made from stainless steel so they avoid ANY type of plastic – yup that means non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.

Headspace is a meditation app you can get for your computer or iphone that offers hundreds of great meditations (as short as 10 minutes up to an hour). You can start with a free series of 10, 10- minute guided meditations and if you like what you see, choose to purchase a low fee monthly subscription which gives you access to literally hundreds of meditations. The intro videos themselves are worth a peek – SO much fun to watch. (PS – Andy’s Australian voice is to die for).

Essential Oils, Essential Oil Diffuser
This has been the year of essential oils! We have been using them for everything from fighting off colds and flu to decreasing inflammation, reducing stress, and helping with sleep (among SO many other things). These make wonderful gifts and you can pair with a gorgeous diffuser, so you can breathe in the benefits of essential oils.  (If you are looking for more info on essential oils, contact us).

Cozy Slippers nothing like soft warm slippers in the winter.  These are made with 100% sheep’s wool, rather than synthetic materials.

Himalayan salt lamps are ALL the rage. They are not only really pretty and interesting to look at, but they have health benefits to boot. These include reducing allergies, better moods, reducing electromagnetic radiation.  You can find them in stores like Urban Outfitters or buy online.


Mantrabands are simple, pretty and elegant bracelets that have all sorts of uplifting messages. There are tons of mantras to choose from and it’s a great way to give yourself or someone you love the gift of daily inspiration.

Because we know that toxins can live not only in our food but our skin care and make up products, we were thrilled when we learned about Annmarie Skincare. We love that all her products are organic, wildcrafted, cruelty free, and non-GMO. Here is one kit we love for traveling (and anti-aging).  She also has great sample kits so you can try out some products without committing (only $10, plus you get a coupon for $10).


My Custom Yoga Mat is a company that makes colorful yoga mats (and other items) that are custom made so you can order one for your bestie and have their name or anything you like printed on it. These are not only practical but just really fun 🙂

Remember Kipling bags? Those durable, flexible bags that can hold just about anything that you probably owned back in high school? Well they are STILL around and they make great adorable gym  bags or totes in all sorts of fun colors and designs.

Love a challenging workout? Though we consider ourselves the nutrition gurus, we believe the guru exercise award goes to our dear friend and colleague Cathe Freidrich. Her avid followers, known as Cathletes, are some of the most devoted fans we have ever seen. We were excited to hear all about her brand new series, Strong and Sweaty. Although the series is geared toward the advanced exerciser, there are some low impact modifications and shorter premixes for those who need to start a bit slower until they are ready to progress. You can read about the details right HERE.


Bamboo cutting boards are super pretty and practical. They are known to be lightweight, easy on your knives, and won’t shrink or swell. 

If you want to hear all about our favorite time saving kitchen tools (these also make great gifts), you can check them out right HERE.

What about a cookbook? One of our favorites is Clean Eats by the Alejandro Junger. This cookbook has it all – tons of animal and plant based recipes from soup to nuts. The recipes are creative and delicious but not super labor intensive.  Another new fav is Celebrations by Danielle Walker, who shares her latest amazing gluten free, family friendly recipes.

Equal Exchange is one of our favorite companies for chocolate. We are impressed with their fair trade practices and use of organic ingredients. They make delicious chocolate with varying percentages of cacao. We recommend their darker brands for the highest antioxidant and lowest sugar profiles. We promise if you begin to train your taste buds, they will adjust! Their Panama bar is 80% cacao but they also carry an extra dark 88% as well.

Have a coffee lover on your list? Equal Exchange also makes coffee with the same integrity as their chocolate. Conventional coffee is one of the most heavily chemically treated foods (and this includes decaf – which is actually MORE treated than caffeinated). 

Gift Baskets: It’s fun to make up a basket with upgraded healthy food ingredients like cooking oils, cacao powder, honey and sea salt. These are some of our ingredient staples that we use on a weekly basis in everyday cooking so you know they won’t get stuffed into the back of someone’s pantry.

Have a Happy Healthy Holiday! Feel free to share some of your own ideas as well we would love to hear them. 

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