I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  Now that I live in New Jersey it has become a tradition to travel to Pittsburgh with my 2 boys to visit my parents and old friends (nothing like old friends).  My husband usually stays behind on this extended trip to do some type of home improvement project.  Pittsburgh has gotten a bad rap in the past but it really is a beautiful city.  My kids love going there not only to see their grandparents, but because there is so much to do within a short distance to the city (an amusement park, water park, a great zoo…).  Not only am I from there, but Jane’s son goes to college there, so we are both fans of the city.

The car ride there is just over 5 hours, so planning ahead for this trip makes it more pleasant and healthier.  We’re sure many of you are heading out on the road this summer and wanted to give you a few of our favorite road trip travel tips: 

  • Bring your own (nonplastic) water bottle – to make sure you stay hydrated.  Yes, we realize you don’t want to have to make too many pit stops, but getting dehydrated can make you tired and also cause you to snack more.  Also, bringing your own water will help you avoid having to buy plastic water bottles at the rest stop (see here why we don’t like plastic water bottles).
  • Bring a little cooler – to pack food in (of course), but also to bring it with you on your sightseeing outings while you are away.
  • Pack a lunch – when you bring your own lunch, you won’t be tempted by the fast food fair, plus you’ll have exactly what you want to eat, when you want to eat it – without wondering when that next rest stop is.
  • Healthy snacks – pack snacks such as cut up celery/carrots, cut up apples,  berries, grapes (try freezing them ahead of time – delicious!), an orange (nothing like the smell of a freshly peeled orange – as long as there is someone else in the car to peel it for you). Also consider snack-pack size of nuts/seeds, some chia pudding, Lara Bars, Mary’s Gone Crackers (or homemade),  and hummus.
  • Essential oils – particularly peppermint – is great for staying alert while driving.  Truck drivers have been using this trick for years.  This is our favorite brand of essential oils.

Most importantly be safe and have a great time!

We love hearing from our followers, so please share any travel tips you have with us! At the same time, let us know if food is an issue for you when traveling. Share your concerns/obstacles with us!