Every summer my family makes an annual sojourn down to a local organic blueberry farm (Emerys Berry Farm if you are local to NJ).

These are the best blueberries we have ever tasted and we always get a little healthy competition going to see who can pick the most (FYI my husband always wins – grrrrr).

When we get home, I wash and freeze them right away. Then they are good to go whenever we want them (as a frozen snack, in smoothies, chia pudding, cereal topper, fruit salads, green salads, and cakes! (see recipe below).

For washing, I use a mixture of filtered water and a few drops of grapefruit and lemon essential oils. These oils are known to be cleansing and can help get rid of any bacteria, bugs or other contaminants that may be on the fruit (you can save 25% on our favorite oils here).

Want a quick run down of how blueberries can rock your health world? Check out this post (which also has our kid-friendly Blueberry Salad recipe). 

Lemon Blueberry Cake Recipe HERE.
This cake can be made all in one bowl, no need to separate dry and wet ingredients. Oh, and when you don’t have lemons readily available, Jane and I love using the versatile lemon essential oil IN our cooking (no fuss, quick and easy).

What about you?  Got a favorite healthy blueberry recipe? We would love to hear about it!