Birthdays and anniversaries are a time for celebration.  They are also a time for reflection and thinking about the year ahead.

When reflecting on this past year, we realized how much we have learned (about business, about each other and about nutrition from each other)!  Going forward, we think about where we want to be a year from now, both personally, health wise (yes, Jane and I do have health goals) and professionally.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rush and put things off for when you have time.

How many times have you said: “I’ll start [fill in the blank] as soon as [fill in the blank] is over.”  We all do it.  It’s all a matter of really figuring out what is important to YOU (not just what’s important to your boss, your kids, your spouse).

Here’s an exercise to get you going: 

Imagine you are walking down the street and you bump into yourself 1 year from now. What do you think?  How is she (he) different from now?  What has to be in place for you to be happy with that 1 year older future self?

Set some real, attainable goals for yourself and write them down!  Make them specific and positive. Instead of writing something like “I will lose weight,” make it “I will weigh X pounds.” Or instead of saying “I will get in shape,” write “I will exercise # days a week for # minutes.”

The next step is to figure out what you need to do (or not do) to get to those goals.  It may be a matter of saying “no” more often when others ask you for help, or it may be a matter of saying “yes” to yourself more often, rather than feeling guilty for doing something just for you.

Food Fairies F2Whatever you do, we are here for you!  Whether you need some daily inspiration from our Facebook page, recipes from our blog, a boost from one of our supportive programs or working with us individually, we can help you!

P.S. In honor of birthdays and celebrations, here is one of Stephanie’s favorite homemade cakes.