We love having fun with upgrading traditional meals so here is an unusual take on a burger and fries. These were inspired by the upcoming holiday Cinco de Mayo (hence the lime, jicama and cilantro ingredients)! But truly these delicious recipes can be enjoyed any time of the year.


For a healthier burger, our classic upgrade will always include well sourced meat whether it be grass fed beef or organic and/or pastured chicken and turkey. If you’re watching your carbs you can skip the bun (or try using a sauteed portobello mushroom instead)! And don’t forget to top your burger with lots of juicy tomatoes, avocado, organic ketchup, greens, etc. 

You can make fries with many types of veggies such as sweet potatoes, butternut squash, turnips, and celeriac. Instead of frying, coat your “fries” in an oil that can take the heat such as avocado oil, which also has great heart health benefits. Spice them up as you like!

Check out our Lime Cilantro Burger Recipe HERE.
These are really easy to make. Eat with or without a bun, topped with more red onion and some fresh guacamole and/or a dollop of our favorite mayo, Sir Kensington’s (an avocado oil based mayo found in health food stores or online). Pair with our Jicama Fries Recipe HERE.
We included this recipe in our Veggie challenge and it was a huge hit. Jicamas (also known as the Mexican yam) have a crisp texture and fruit-like succulent, sweet-starchy taste. They are delicious raw as a snack or in a salad, and also boast a good amount of fiber and vitamin C, and small amounts of a few other gems like potassium and magnesium.