Practically not a day goes by where we don’t learn something new about the amazing healing and nutritional power of food.

And though we cherish our hemp, flax and chia seeds, go gaga over coconut oil and ghee, and are always chatting about all the wonderful properties of kale and other various greens, today we thought it would be refreshing to share some news about a very familiar, popular, and well loved veggie – the simple carrot!

You may already know that carrots have their fair share of potassium, B6, magnesium, beta carotene (AKA vitamin A), and the antioxidants lycopene and lutein (which are found in all red, yellow, and orange fruits and veggies).

What you may not be aware of is that carrots contain another rock-star, health promoting component, especially when it comes to cancer prevention.

Enter falcarinol.

Falcarinol is a phytochemical that protects carrots from different types of fungal diseases — and it’s showing to have powerful effects in deterring major chronic illness. Falcarinol contains antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, immune boosting and anti cancer properties. Pretty awesome.

By the way, falcarinol is also found in celery, parsnips, coriander, cilantro and ginseng.

Here are some great ways to include carrots in your daily diet (be aware if you eat lots and lots of them your skin may turn orange but its not dangerous – Jane found this out in college lol).

  • raw, by itself or dipped in hummus or guacamole
  • shredded in salads (try THIS one)
  • juiced, by itself of with beets and/or apples and ginger as a powerful detoxifying fresh juice drink
  • sautéed or steamed with ghee or olive oil and sea salt
  • in soups or stews

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