Lunch and Learns

Lunch Seminars/Workshops

Let us engage your employees! What sets us apart is our hands-on, results-oriented approach geared towards facilitating active learning and individual empowerment. Our presentations and programs are often described as “fun, accessible, educational, powerful, effective, life-changing, and delicious.”

We know how to make wellness a hot topic and inspire your employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  

All programs include the following:

  • build healthy  work forceEasy to follow, engaging presentations
  • Healthy “why” benefits so attendees have motivation to follow through
  • Group share / interactive exercises
  • Handouts and resources
  • Goal setting that includes 3 actionable steps to implement change immediately
  • Inviting flyers or emails to enhance employees turnout
  • Raffle prize for attendees
  • Food, snacks, and/or recipes

Available List of Current Presentations

Upgrading Your Health IN the Workplace (most popular!)

  • Get tips of what snacks to stock at work that will fuel and energize.
  • Ideas for easy, healthy lunches you can pack from home.
  • Quick and easy stress relaxation techniques you can do at your desk.
  • How to fit movement into your day without interfering with productivity.

Stomping Out Stress

  • Top 10 causes of stress and how it affects health.
  • Solid, practical tips for how to cope with stress in and out of the workplace.
  • Interactive hands-on activities teaching simple relaxation techniques.

Busting Food Myths: Discovering What Foods You REALLY Need to Get Healthy

  • We separate fact/fiction when it comes to what foods are really healthy (or not).
  • Get the scoop: Mini meals vs three squares? Eating after 7pm? Importance of breakfast?
  • Get our input on breads, yogurt, salad dressings, sweeteners, granola bars and much more!

 Healthy Eating on the Go

  • Learn about quick, healthy snacks and meals to fit into your busy lifestyle.
  • Discover some healthier foods you can buy in a pinch when you are out.
  • Gain insight onto how to prep ahead to make healthy eating a cinch.

Taming Sugar Cravings

  • Learn some of the little known but potent ways in which sugar affects our health.
  • Discover where sugar lurks, including our favorite label reading tricks.
  • Gain access to delicious low sugar, low glycemic desserts and snacks.
  • Learn to break free from the power of sweets and beat those cravings for good!

Heart Healthy Myths and Facts

  • Learn about our top heart healthy foods (and meal planning tips).
  • Get the scoop on why saturated fat is not the villain and which foods can contribute to plaque formation.
  • Enjoy our heart healthy recipe packet.

Eating to Boost Metabolism

  • Get the information you need to lose weight and improve energy levels while not feeling deprived.
  • Discover how to eat more and shed pounds.
  • Learn real life strategies for how to pack your plate the right way to boost your metabolic rate.

Kitchen Makeover: How to Stock Your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer

  • Learn what healthy foods/ingredients to have on hand (and what to swap out).
  • Get strategies on how to blend fresh ingredients with healthy convenience for quick easy meals.
  • Get a take home shopping list with brand suggestions.