Ok, I’m not that much of a nutrition nerd to think that strands of zucchini (or any veggie for that matter) is actually going to come out tasting like the “real deal.” But when I saw an advertisement for a something called a spiralizer on another blog post  . . . I was immediately intrigued. The picture showed perfect strands of long uniform zucchini, made by this beautiful new tool.


Though I knew the end result of a “pasta” dish made with veggies was not going to turn out tasting like beloved wheat pasta, I was still up for trying what looked like an innovative way to cook vegetables. It was too late to run to the store and buy the brand I saw, but not too late to improvise with my trusted carrot peeler . . . which actually proved worthy (This pic is prettier than the one I took so I’m using it to show how the carrot peeler can work).

carrot peeler for zucchini

The result? Ok I am totally serious when I tell you that my teenage son BEGGED for more. Meaning, after dinner, when he was down the basement watching a movie, he actually called up and said “Mom, did you make more of that zucchini stuff yet?”

HERE is the winning recipe! It’s called “Zucchini Pasta” – and makes a great sub for pasta if you are trying to cut back on starchy carbs and/or gluten.  Oh, you can use coconut oil for the whole thing too. We’ll post something on ghee in a few days to introduce you to that delicious fat as well.

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