Low Energy? Weight Issues? Food Cravings? 

We hear ya and we can help!  Now let’s get to work…

Start HERE (check all that apply):

  1. Read almost every weight related diet book?
  2. Busy/hectic lifestyle?
  3. In a rut with food choices?
  4. Can not get through the morning and/or afternoon without your coffee (or sugar fix)?
  5. Never had a weight problem until you had kids?
  6. Have been diagnosed with ____ (blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, hypothyroid, GERD, etc.)?
  7. Challenged by working from home as a stay-at-home mom, telecommuter or entrepreneur?

GOOD NEWS! If any or all of the above apply, you are in the RIGHT place.

We are Jane Schwartz, RD and Stephanie Goodman, CNC. Let us inspire you to make make simple (but lasting) changes to the way you eat, drink and think. 

We'll show you how losing weight after 40 is possible to attain and sustain!

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