Want to actually have the energy to do the things you want to do, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and release those stubborn pounds that have crept up over the years?

Does {any of} this sound like you?
Your energy plummets in the afternoons and even sugary snacks can’t snap you out of your 3 p.m. slump.
Your joints ache in the a.m., the p.m. and everything-in-between-em.

You’ve got bloating, acid reflux and/or other stomach struggles, and you’re more likely to have Tums in your purse than a roll-on perfume. You know, just in case!

You open your closet to a bunch of clothes you hate because thanks to weight gain (or maybe just bloating) they don’t fit anymore.

You live and die by counting calories (hello, Fitbit and MyFitnessPal) and macros. You’ve tried all the trendy diets – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig – (and some of the not-so-trendy) ones, too.

You don’t know who to trust for nutrition information anymore. You hear one thing from friends, one thing from your fitness trainer, one thing from the “Eat this, Not that” columns in Women’s Day (which, let’s be honest, don’t take into account anything about your unique body or the changes your body has gone through in the past several years).

Basically, you’re tired.
of thinking of about food and calories and cravings (oh my!) all day.

of feeling yucky in your own body (and your own skin).

of being SO dang tired.

Here’s the honest-to-goodness truth:
No matter how you feel right now, you can have more energy, you can enjoy food (without freaking out over the calories, macros or grams of carbs) and you can start truly enjoying your life – and body – again!

Oh, and it can happen faster than you ever imagined – and stay that way.


The Mega Energy Breakthrough Program kick-started a whole new level of healthy eating for me.

I am experiencing a new consistent level of energy, no more brain fog, and a 7lb weight loss without trying!  The best part is that my recent blood work revealed a significant drop in triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and liver enzymes (I no longer have fatty liver)!  My doctor is amazed and we are both so happy to see such improvement!

Nancy Powers (New Jersey)

I learned so much from this program it’s hard to know where to start.

I learned to listen to my body for hunger signs so I no longer count calories. I also learned when to stop eating and what happens to my body when I overeat. I learned how to make healthy food choices. Most of all I learned how to get control back. Control over food so I can enjoy it, not fear it. The support in this program is terrific!! Both nutritionists answered any questions I had and the other participants were very supportive.

Jackie Currie (Alberta, Canada)

Cast your doubts aside for a second and imagine a world where…
  • You wake up with TONS of natural energy and WAY less pain. You might even actually do that morning yoga session you always promise you will.
  • Your cravings are a thing of yesterday.
  • You can text your kids or chase the grandkids around or open your own jar of tomato sauce without popping an anti-inflammatory (or three).
  • Your skin is clear, bright and glowing. The redness, patchiness and puffiness are gone – and people on the street probably think you do those expensive spa facials (no one needs to know you don’t!).
  • You can wear everything in your closet (save for maybe that pinstripe suit from the 80s. You should’ve thrown that away ages ago, anyway.)
  • And best of all, that afternoon slump is non-existent. You have copious amounts energy to get through your day without an iced latte or cream puff to pick you up.
It’s ALL possible.

Hi, We’re Jane (Registered Dietitian) and Stephanie (Certified Nutrition Consultant) – the Nourishing Gurus!

After 45 years’ combined experience in the nutrition space, here’s what we know:

Women are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

They’re over being fed miracle cures and ridiculous diets – like ones that require they live off kale (or count every calorie, macro or point that goes into their mouth… hello freedom)!

They’re also busy, so they need a long-term and sustainable solution to help them feel amazing in their bodies, amp up their energy and ease their aches, pains and tummy troubles…even when they’re short on time. (Who really has time to cook some crazy, elaborate meal nowadays, anyway?)

Oh, and they want to do it while enjoying life (and a little red wine here or slice of red velvet cake there. 😉 )

That’s where our premiere program, Mega Energy Breakthrough comes in.


The Mega-Energy Breakthrough is a 28-day, dietitian-approved clean eating program created for women in midlife and beyond who want to:

  • Regain energy
  • Lose weight
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Get rid of pesky aches and pains

This gentle, guided program will teach you exactly how to get in touch with your own gut (literally and figuratively) so you can learn exactly which foods make you feel fabulous and which ones put you in a funk.

We’ll walk you through exactly what to eat, what to shop for, how to prepare it, and everything else you need to know to transform your body into a lean, clean, energized machine – every single day. 😉


The way it works is simple:
We start by eliminating common food allergens and sensitivities along with sugar and processed foods (don’t worry – we promise there’s still TONS more to eat, and we’ll show you what!), and then we teach you how to reintroduce foods into your diet.

By the end, you can truly start to figure out what foods work for your body and make you feel amazing, and which ones don’t. You’ll know how to eat in a healthy way that energizes you and tastes good, too. (Really!)

But best of all, this is not a program built on deprivation or crazy cleanses or “eating all greens.”

You will NOT feel starved, deprived or hangry. 😉

Mega-Energy Breakthrough is packed full of tasty recipes that are quick and easy – and includes enough healthy ‘cheats’ to satisfy even the most indulgent eater!

So, whether you want to ditch the afternoon slump and regain energy, manage your weight, get rid of cravings (and all your discomfort while you’re at it) or simply want to clean up your diet so you can feel amazing in your own (glowy) skin – this is for you!

Mega-Energy Breakthrough will help you:
  • Say goodbye to foods that are keeping you from feeling vibrant and lean.
  • Boost your metabolism and literally create more energy in your cells (woop!)
  • Ditch the afternoon crash and burn. You CAN make it through the workday without coffee and sugary snacks. (We promise this even though it may sound crazy right now.)
  • Reduce aches and pains and areas of inflammation, including your joints and arteries.
  • Rev up your metabolism and optimize digestion, which means that you will shed weight naturally and easily
  • Gain mega confidence because you feel better about your body and also your ability to take care of yourself
  • No longer be sitting on the sidelines. You’ll feel completely 100% immersed in all the things that you do. You’ll be thinking clearly, you’ll be ready to go and your body will be supporting you the entire stretch of the way
The more I stick with these principles the more I feel it as a life change rather than a diet.

No real cravings either! I was stunned at how good the recipes are with all those healthy ingredients, some of which I have never tried before . . . 5 stars to Stephanie and Jane’s fabulous recipes!

Susan Wiley (New Jersey)

It wasn’t until I was under the Nourishing Guru’s guidance in the last 6 months that I feel like the Cathe of four years ago has returned. They are a superb nutritional team who have been a GREAT source of help for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks me if I know of any really good nutritionists.
Cathe Friedrich


This is totally for you if:
  • You want to stop feeling like crap in your own body and get rid of those annoying aches and pains
  • You’re SO done counting calories and macros and trying a million crazy diets that don’t seem to do much at all
  • You want a LOT more energy, and a little LESS bulge around the middle.
  • You’d love to lose 3-5 lbs. or more without starving yourself.
  • You want to clean up your diet with dietitian-approved ‘normal’ food that tastes good and does your body good
  • You suspect you might have a food sensitivity – like gluten or dairy – but aren’t quite sure
  • You feel like you “don’t have time” to prep or cook healthy meals (we’ll fix that, stat)
  • You’d love to fit into more than just your LuLaRoe leggings (although you DO love them)
  • You’re ready to stop thinking about/craving food every second of every day, and start enjoying life – traveling, keeping up with the grandkids, and have all the energy in the world to whip up healthy meals for you (and the family) from now on
Not to mention, you’ll have an arsenal of quick, easy recipes you can use over and over (and whip up for your next family gathering) 😉
Let’s do this.

Just follow the revolutionary and simple guidelines inside the Mega-Energy Breakthrough program, and you’ll finally discover what food affects your body and how, so you can decide for yourself what to eat for maximum energy, minimum pain and the most pleasure in your body and your life.

This program has changed the lives of hundreds around the world already. And we’d love for you to join us!

You don’t even know how amazing you can feel…yet.


Wanna know what you get? Here’s all the goodness included in Mega-Energy Breakthrough

Mega-Energy Breakthrough Membership Site
You’ll get instant access to our private membership site where you can check out all your guides, recipes and other materials in one easy-to-reference place

Easy Intro Guide
You’ll get a quick-and-not-so-dirty welcome training and intro guide to show you exactly how to use this program. This guide will become your go-to source for how and why specific foods enhance energy and spark metabolism, including the “why” behind foods that drain and zap your metabolic fire.

Detailed Daily Protocol + Guidelines
You’ll receive a step-by-step guide that will tell you what and how to eat, including special tips for dining out and working from home, plus the key questions to ask yourself daily to keep yourself eating clean and feeling lean. Our protocol also includes a special “7 Days at a Glance” section to help you plan ahead and avoid that last minute scramble when you don’t know what to eat, plus a “busy lifestyle” space filled with loads of shortcuts so can stay the course even with a super hectic schedule.

Mega-Energy Breakthrough Recipe Book
You’ll receive our exclusive ‘cookbook’ featuring 70+ delicious recipes that will not only energize you naturally, but will also improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied. All recipes are gluten and dairy-free.

Go-to Shopping List
Never go to the store unprepared again! Our done-for-you shopping list makes shopping super easy – and prepping, preparing, and cooking so much simpler!

Private Facebook Group
Support is so key on any health journey! When you join Mega-Energy Breakthrough, you’ll gain instant access to a supportive community of like-minded people with similar health goals to lift you up and help you out.

Wrap Up Training
Starting a program is easy, but what do you do when it’s over? This special training will show you how to transition back into the “real world” and create lasting change with what you have uncovered in the program.

Mega-Motivational Emails
Throughout the program, we send multiple emails packed with bonus tips, tricks and strategies to keep you motivated, on track (we include check-ins!) and extra-educated on #allthethings energy, health and food.

And did somebody say bonuses?
Beyond Food Guide
Energy isn’t just about what you eat. This “Beyond Food” guide is loaded with lots of amazing non-food strategies to keep that energy up, including everything from quick-but-effective exercises to simple strategies for stress relief.
Banish the Bloat Guide
Struggle with belly bloat? We’ve got you. Our exclusive Banish the Bloat guide will dive even deeper into strategies for saving you from this common digestive struggle.
Nourishing Sleep Guide
You’ll be sure to get your beauty rest after you check out this special guide loaded with 10 savvy strategies to help you catch more zzz’s (because who has energy without enough sleep!)

So, are you ready for mega-energy?

Only $297! currently $100 off!


More about us and Why Mega-Energy Breakthrough Is Different

Hi, I’m Stephanie {on the left} and that’s my savvy business partner Jane on the right.
Together, we’re known as The Nourishing Gurus.

Our entire business is built upon a single promise that we made years ago: to help women get into great shape, love who they are, and eat right – because we have both had our share of ups and downs . . .

Yep, we’ve been there. And we know how it feels.

{Stephanie} For years, I suffered with stomach pain and digestive issues. After going to many different doctors and having many fun (not) tests, I was initially diagnosed with IBS, but told there was nothing I could do other than pop some pills that might help.

Not one to stop there, I went on a major search for someone who didn’t just want to pump me full of pills. I came across a wonderful alternative doctor who helped me change diet and discover my food sensitivities (mainly gluten) and eliminate it from my daily repertoire. The result? My symptoms went away almost instantly.

I felt so incredible in my body – in a way I hadn’t in years! – and honestly, couldn’t stop talking about how pivotal this SUPER simple change had been. It only took a few years of me doling out unsolicited food advice to just about everyone I knew before I became a Certified Nutritional Consultant myself. Today, I absolutely love that I get to spread this information to women all around the world…and you know, get paid for it. 😉


{Jane} After struggling with an eating disorder in college, I also decided to look to alternative ways to heal my body and my mind. Turns out, that alternative way involved eating only real, whole foods. Like Stephanie, I noticed such an incredible change in the way I felt – mentally and physically – that I felt compelled to get my own degree in nutrition. And I’ve never looked back.

We joined forces in 2013 to form The Nourishing Gurus and needless to say it’s been a match made in health-nut heaven!

Today, we have 45 years of combined experience and an unflagging passion for all things nutrition. We’re the go-to sources of nutrition information for hundreds of women around the world.


But here’s the thing: We weren’t born health gurus. We’re real people just like you.

Over the years and with hundreds of real clients, we’ve tested and tweaked and finally cracked the code on what it really takes to regain energy and achieve their dream weight, energy and health goals.

The truth?  It all comes down to energy.


Your energy levels dictate what you can do in a day and how much you enjoy your life. It affects your mood and your metabolism and even your body’s ability to sleep.

And the good news is that YOU can control your energy levels by controlling what you put in your body!


So, we created Mega-Energy Breakthrough to give women the information they need in a  simple, straightforward way. With SO much conflicting information out there, it truly is hard to decipher what will work, for you.


Mega-Energy Breakthrough is the first step to regaining your energy, losing your excess weight, healing deep rooted digestive issues, reducing joint pain and inflammation, minimizing your need for medication, and so, so, so much more.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what past participants had to say:

Before Mega Energy Breakthrough, I suffered from bloating and digestive issues almost every time I ate. I also suffered from lack of energy and some days it was hard for me to find the energy to get through the day.

Through this program, I have learned the foods to eat to eliminate the bloating and gas problems. I have also found energy that I never knew I had. I no longer dread the evenings, and I have the energy to go home after work and really be there for my children and spend quality time with them that they need and that I need.

Stephanie and Jane have taught me so much… and I would recommend this program to anybody!! I just want to say thank you to you both for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me and helping me to understand the way to eat in order to feel great. This experience was honestly priceless!!

Melissa Lawley (Tennessee)

I really want to thank both of you because you have opened my eyes to so much and I love all the knowledge I now have. This program was so worth the money! I had borderline high cholesterol with a family history on both sides of heart disease. I participated in MegaEnergy because I wanted to finally eat like I should be all the time. Even though I had some knowledge of what to change, I never would have done it without this plan and the Guru’s help! I learned so much valuable information about foods, how it affects my body, and healthier ways to cook . . . but most of all I learned that I could do it!
Cindy Weckel (New Jersey)

Before Mega Energy Breakthrough I was already living a healthy lifestyle with what I thought was a “clean” diet. However, I have battled debilitating abdominal pain since I was a teenager and while tests show how inflamed and tore up my digestive tract is no doctor has been able to find a cause.

The Mega Energy Breakthrough program helped me identify some pretty major food sensitivities. It also helped me realize that my “clean” eating plan needed a lot of tuning up.

The program helped me revamp my entire outlook on food, my relationship with food, and guided me in how I could tune up my lifestyle even further. Other than the reactions to my particular food sensitivities, I was pain free 3 days into this program. To say it has been life changing is an understatement! “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough, but know it comes from a full heart!

Nancy Ott (Wisconsin)

I can’t thank you enough for introducing this program to me. I have changed my eating habits drastically and it has helped me not only with my weight but also with my killer migraines. I have lost 10 pounds and look forward to every meal that I have prepped from your awesome book of recipes.
Jasmin Ramos (New Jersey)


Will I be starving?
Not at all!  This program is not about starvation, deprivation or calorie counting. Every meal (and snack) is delicious and created to nourish your body from the inside out. Our clients love these recipes. You will feel satisfied with every bite.
I work full time. Is this going to take up all my time and be really hard to follow?
Absolutely not. We break things down for you to make it as simple as possible. We offer tons of time-saving tips and tricks to keep you focused and confident in what you are doing.
Do I have to take supplements, pills or powders?
Not in this program! We recommend a couple of good protein powders if you choose to include them in your diet. This is totally optional.
I have a known medical condition. Is this safe for me?
This program is based on nourishing, whole foods and is very safe. We work daily with people who have medical conditions. We encourage you to email us if you have any concerns about your condition.
What makes this different than other weight loss program?
The Mega-Energy Breakthrough is not about dieting – it’s about creating realistic, manageable changes which will make you feel fantastic in the long-run (not just as a quick-fix). Our programs are fun and you will see results.
Final {Loving} Note

If you’re feeling tired, achy and just not the ‘best version of you’, don’t give up hope! You CAN feel amazing. You CAN increase your energy to a new level you’ve never felt before. You CAN turn your health around faster than you thought possible.

Every day there are TONS of people like you doing exactly that. They’re living the life they were meant to live, and they’re having fun and feeling phenomenal doing it!

During Mega-Energy Breakthrough, we’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you toward a clearer, lighter more vibrant life.

We truly believe this program will help you transform your life in a healthy nourishing way (read: without starving you 😉 ).

Life’s too short to spend another day feeling ‘blah.’ Take the plunge today.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Jane and Stephanie
The Nourishing Gurus

P.S. Ready to get your energy back, lose those few extra pounds or just feel better in your body? What are you waiting for? Get started right away by clicking here. You’ll be whisked away to our secure checkout page where you’ll be asked to pop in your details and get instant access to the Mega-Energy Breakthrough Program and a welcome email with a link to our private Facebook group.)

P.P.S. Due to the downloadable nature of this product there are no refunds on this product.