What a welcome sight to come home to a box of fresh, locally grown organic food! My first “Door to Door” delivery arrived today and was packed with celery, beets, kale, Romaine, zucchini, and something called “garlic scapes.” I have never cooked with these before so this will be something new for me. The kale was the first to go . . . I cooked it up by first sauteing a few garlic cloves in coconut oil, and then adding the kale, cut into small pieces. My latest thing has been to add about 1/4 cup or so of coconut milk (full fat), along with a dash of sea salt and good dose of curry powder. I let all the flavors melt together. Came out really yummy.

I’m going to check in with Stephanie to see if she has any garlic scapes ideas. Can anyone out there help me out?

Would love to hear if anyone else gets home delivered foods. I find I don’t make it to the farmers market as often as I would like (due to busy schedule), so this is such a wonderful alternative. Thanks again to Sue Nemeth for introducing me to this company!