Love diet soda but having a tough time giving it up? We still encounter many clients who are addicted to the sweet bubbly taste of diet sodas, often thinking they are doing themselves a favor by choosing a no calorie version over sugar-laden regular sodas.

Well it’s time to rethink your drink.

About two-thirds of adults consume artificial sweeteners, and sadly their popularity is growing among kids and teens as well. Check out our blog here to read all the reasons why we encourage our peeps to ditch the diet and go natural.

That’s all well and good, you say. But is there anything remotely healthy that can replace that fizzy sweet craving?

While we often suggest weaning down with a mixture of seltzer water and 100% fruit juice (4:1 ration seltzer to juice), or seltzer mixed with fresh squeezed lemons and limes, sometimes we crave a bottled drink with a bit of a kick. 

That’s where Kevita comes in, a sparkling probiotic drink made from fermented organic coconut water, plant extracts, and organic fruit puree or concentrates.

Best part? The fermentation process produces lactobacillus – good guy bugs that have a beneficial effect on the health of your gut. So you can drink your “soda” and get health benefits to boot.

Here’s the catch. Some of the flavors contain a bit too much added sugar, so you have to be cautious. That being said, most contain small amounts of sugar from organic cane sugar or the natural sugar in the fruit itself, which amounts to anywhere from 1 – 9 grams per serving. Compare this to a regular soda with about 30-40 grams of added sugar in a similar 16-oz. serving.

You can’t go wrong with any of their cleansing apple cider vinegar tonics, with super cool flavors such as turmeric ginger, Meyer lemon, and elderberry. These all include apple cider vinegar, the “mother” of all digestive aids, and have a more tangy taste than the original versions. 

If you have a tough time giving up diet drinks, be sure to watch our brief video on 6 foods to stop eating right now. It WILL give you some inspiration!