Are you looking for a scientifically-backed nutrition plan for optimal health, energy, and confidence after menopause?

PM Meal Mastery comes after years of research and working with women in midlife and beyond, along with going through this phase ourselves (hello 50s+ ).

What we found is that life after menopause comes with a lot of nutritional challenges:

  • Cravings: You’re not really sure what you’re supposed to be eating, so you wind up reaching for whatever is available.
  • Frustration: All the conflicting information around post-menopausal nutrition can be daunting. You want a smart nutritional approach that empowers you to feel your best every day—without depriving you of the foods you love.
  • Exhaustion/chronic pain: You’re not ready to give up your favorite activities and don’t love the idea of taking meds every day . . . But something has to give! 

If you can relate to any of the above, we can promise that you will benefit from the information we share in this unique program.

Your nutrition requirements are different now so it’s time to get savvy on how to manage your weight, boost your energy, lower inflammation, and nourish your whole body!

Get ALL the details about this amazing program right here.

“Thanks to the PM Meal Mastery Program, I am feeling so much better. My hot flashes have subsided, and knees no longer hurt. I lost weight and my bloodwork – cholesterol & triglycerides are now good. In 6 months I was able to accomplish this. My doctor could not believe the change and wanted to know how I did it. Thanks Jane and Stephanie! ~Susan Omslaer

“PM Meal Mastery cuts through all of the conflicting information and provides clear, actionable information from qualified nutritionists about eating well to maintain optimal health after menopause.” ~Mary C