While we love working with groups, we know that sometimes, individual attention can really propel you into reaching your health goals and help you achieve lasting results.


Working privately with Jane and Stephanie allows you to:

  • Discover and receive an individualized plan that works best with your body and lifestyle
  • Go deeper into issues that may be causing you to hold onto weight or lack energy
  • Help you sort through the conflicting information out there and give you clear direction
  • Pinpoint the root cause of your health issue via detailed written and oral health history, review of current lab work, and appropriate testing if necessary
  • Receive support and accountability with weekly/monthly action steps and private email access
  • Achieve goals you may have never dreamed possible
This past fall, I contacted the Nourishing Gurus to help me build up my immunity to fight respiratory infections and gain more stamina in my daily work and personal life. Their approach of listening carefully to my concerns and challenges and then offering me sage advice on nutritional changes I could make, while not overwhelming me with too much information, got me started on the right foot. Their abundance of resources and dietary options gave me flexibility so that I felt in charge of a realistic plan going forward. Within two months, I noticed a higher level of resistance to infection and more energy and I lost all of the 25 pounds I had gained after bilateral knee surgery nine years ago.

They provided advice on new supplements, essential oils, and lifestyle changes as well- all of which created a more balanced and healthy way of aging gracefully while feeling younger and more vigorous. Because there has been built in accountability, I believe I have finally changed my habits for the better for a lifetime! And as I turn 72 this spring, it’s about time!

Sharon Powell

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