We are currently doing very limited amounts of private coaching. We offer a lot of support and have a private component in our Simply Nourished program, so we suggest checking that out.

However, we know that sometimes, individual attention is required. Feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your needs. To email us go here.


This past fall, I contacted the Nourishing Gurus to help me build up my immunity to fight respiratory infections and gain more stamina in my daily work and personal life. Their approach of listening carefully to my concerns and challenges and then offering me sage advice on nutritional changes I could make, while not overwhelming me with too much information, got me started on the right foot. Their abundance of resources and dietary options gave me flexibility so that I felt in charge of a realistic plan going forward. Within two months, I noticed a higher level of resistance to infection and more energy and I lost all of the 25 pounds I had gained after bilateral knee surgery nine years ago.

They provided advice on new supplements, essential oils, and lifestyle changes as well- all of which created a more balanced and healthy way of aging gracefully while feeling younger and more vigorous. Because there has been built-in accountability, I believe I have finally changed my habits for the better for a lifetime! And as I turn 72 this spring, it’s about time!

Sharon Powell


I was having symptoms of an autoimmune disease and I decided to change my diet as I knew my diet lacked a lot of nutrients. With so much information on the internet, I was not sure what was right for me.

Jane and Stephanie designed a plan specific to my needs. After a month and a half, I started to feel better and the symptom’s intensity diminished and at times I felt like the symptoms disappeared! My body feels better and also emotionally. Thank you Jane and Stephanie!

Malena I

A year ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Jane and Stephanie went above and beyond. We discussed what I should remove from my diet immediately and what I should work on.  They helped me clean up my diet and my home, and introduced me to natural ways to help me get more, much needed sleep.  I really handled the treatments well and strongly feel it had to do with my positive attitude and what I was putting in my mouth. I can’t thank the Gurus enough for their guidance and compassion. So grateful that they were and are part of my wellness team.

Lisa McIntosh


I signed up with The Nourishing Gurus primarily to have help identifying the foods causing gastric distress.  Along the way I also discovered the link between my food sensitivities and obesity, and got excellent encouragement and tools to improve body, soul and mind!  I made more progress in the areas of stress eating and portion control than ever before, and have great tools to continue progressing and becoming healthier and thinner. Jane and Stephanie are knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and kind.

Kris Allison

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