Today we wanted to highlight the middle child . . . LUNCH!

“Sandwiched” between breakfast and dinner, this mid-day meal often gets lost in the shuffle.

Being home all the time, without the variety that eating out (on occasion) can bring, may have you scratching your head for how to bring some new meal ideas into play.

Does a salad feel too cumbersome (or you just don’t have all the ingredients on hand)? Sandwich has too many carbs?

Many of our clients share they are simply at a loss for what to eat or just too busy. So they grab a slice of pizza or maybe even skip lunch altogether.

But then what? They find themselves grabbing a handful of chips or a couple of cookies on the fly. Sound familiar?

The problem with these scenarios is not only will your body miss out on the nutrients it needs, you won’t have the energy you need to get through the day.

PLUS, your body will likely start craving more sugar and junk foods when your blood sugar drops.

Need some inspiration?

We have a few solutions for you. You can hear all about them in our quick 3 minute video (and summarized below – but we encourage you to watch us in action)! Oh and don’t forget to download our Brandout at the bottom of this blog post.

Number 1: Dinner becomes lunch
That’s right. As you are cleaning up from dinner, simply get out your containers and pack up your lunch as you are cleaning up from dinner. We probably have leftovers for lunch at LEAST 50% of the time. This is a no-brainer way to ensure you have something healthy that requires no prep (except heating it up). The only thing you want to plan in advance is to be sure you make extra food at dinner so you have leftovers to use (and don’t skimp on the veggies)!

Number 2: Lettuce roll ups
We love crunchy, large lettuce leaves as not only do they make a lovely salad but also the perfect house for a lunch wrap. One of our favorite combos is to put some avocado (fresh or pre-packed) into the bottom and top with rolled organic turkey. Other tasty ingredients to add include a Tbs or two of sauerkraut, mayo or mustard, and/or sprouts. Then just put the two sides of the leaf together and eat like a wrap or tortilla. To make this vegetarian you could use hummus and sprouts instead of the turkey. 

Number 3: Pepper boats
If you love the taste of bell peppers, they make the perfect vehicle for stuffing egg, salmon, tuna, or bean salad. Simply cut the pepper in half, cut out the membrane, and fill the “boat.” Easy right? And you get 2 veggie servings in without making a salad. 

BONUS: A hearty soup makes a wonderful lunch too! Prep on a weekend and use during the week. We have few good recipes on our website right here

To ensure that your lunch choices use top notch ingredients, we have prepared a “Brandout” for you in which we share our favorite brands of tuna, mayonnaise, sauerkraut, canned beans, and more. You can download that right HERE.