I made this dish on a whim when I was prepping some food to bring to a sick friend. Since I was going to be away for a few days, I was using up food in my fridge and pantry. Lo and behold this beautiful creation was born!

Butternut squash is such a wonderful veggie, especially for those who are trying to minimize their sweets. When its roasted, it caramelizes and really takes on the true meaning of “nature’s candy.” Add a bit of crunch from toasted walnuts and some chewy goodness from dried cranberries (which lend a pretty red POP to the dish), and you have an uber-healthy dinner accompaniment to any fish or chicken dish. I love to serve this also with some steamed or sautéed greens or a mixed greens salad.

By the way, these leftovers also make a great breakfast. For an extra protein boost, toss in a couple tablespoons of hemp seeds.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Walnuts and Cranberries HERE.

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