The weather just began to cool down here on the East Coast and for us, that means its soup time!

We know it’s easier to open up a can of soup, but truth be told, we favor homemade soups over canned for several reasons.

1: It’s an awesome way to fit in loads of great nutrition from whole foods like veggies, beans and quinoa. 

2: Most canned and boxed soups contain excess amounts of sodium, and to boot, use processed salt versus natural sea salt. In addition, there are often dubious ingredients including “natural flavors”, MSG, hydrolyzed corn or soy vegetable protein, xanthan gum, modified potato starch, maltodextrin and autolyzed yeast extract. Yuck.

3: Ready-made shelf stable soups often are lined with BPA or BPS which are potential carcinogens (among having other health effects). Though tetra packs are safer (we do sometimes use them for organic broth), we still favor homemade soup overall for freshness and nutrient quality. 

But here’s where the tricky part comes in. 

The idea of making homemade soup seems like a daunting task and way too time consuming. Are we right . . . ?  

Luckily we have you covered in 2 ways!

  1. Looking for some healthy easy soups? Download our recipes here.

  2. Click on the short 3-minute video below to access 3 of our favorite hacks that can have you sipping a nice nourishing bowl in (practically) no time at all.  FYI, one of the hacks uses an Instant Pot (a total lifesaver in our opinion). Don’t have an Instant Pot? You can grab the one we both use right here on Amazon.