Healthy Bones involves WAY more than just your calcium intake

Does {any of} this sound like you?

You take calcium supplements but are not entirely sure if you take the right kind or are on the right dose

Your mom, sister, aunt, friend has osteopenia or osteoporosis and you are eager to prevent this from happening to you

You are over 40 and want to stay active and independent as you age

You are curious as to what the best diet is to build and maintain strong bones

You want a future filled with travel, quality time with grandkids and dancing . . . not one wasted in doctors offices

Just imagine . . . what if you could:

 Have the confidence that your diet is supporting your bone health

  Get the scoop on whether or not dairy is the best way to get your calcium

  Be “in the know” about which supplements are helpful or harmful for your bones

  Have delicious bone building recipes at your fingertips!

  Have access to a meal plan that shows you exactly how to fit bone building nutrition into your busy day

We’ve got you covered!

Hi, We’re Jane (Registered Dietitian) and Stephanie (Certified Nutrition Consultant) – the Nourishing Gurus!

After 40 years’ combined experience in the nutrition space, here’s what we know:

Women are confused about what to do (or not to do) about taking care of their bones as they age.

They have a drawer full of calcium (and other) supplements with no idea which ones are truly benefiting them, or how much is recommended.

They don’t realize how much diet affects the strength – or weakness – of their bones.

They want to prevent osteoporosis so they can live a full and active life and avoid worrying about fractures or bone breakage.

That’s where Superhero Bones comes in!

What is SuperHero Bones?

It’s a comprehensive program that educates you on the best diet, lifestyle and supplements so you can have strong healthy bones and prevent bone loss as you age.

We created Superhero Bones because we recognize that there is an epidemic of osteopenia and osteoporosis that is stealing the quality of life of too many women, causing decreased activity levels, difficulty with daily tasks, inability to carry things, depression and low self esteem.

Did you know that more than 53 million Americans have osteoporosis or low bone mass? And 80% are women. That translates into 1 out of every 2 women over the age of 50!

The sad truth is that there is a crazy amount of misleading information about diet and supplementation that is creating an abundance of confusion in the general population. We wanted to set the record straight for you.

We believe that the suggestions and strategies covered in this program are vital to having strong healthy bones and eliminating the confusion over what to eat, what supplements to take (or not take) and what lifestyle habits are MOST important to include.

Having this knowledge could be a game-changer for you, especially if you’ve gotten conflicting advice from doctors, friends and family. Finally, the answers you have been seeking are all here in one place.

Wanna know what you get?

Here’s all the goodies included in Superhero Bones

Video Trainings
Short easy-to follow trainings that highlight our Superhero Bones strategies and how to incorporate them into your life (access anytime, anywhere at your convenience)

Recipe Packet
Over 40 bone building recipes at your fingertips (from soup to nuts)!

Sample Meal Plan
Just what it sounds like – we share 3 sample days of bone healthy eating so you can see exactly what this looks like

Supplement Guidelines
Access to our Wellevate portal where we share our favorite quality bone supportive supplements

Calcium Guide
Handy chart with our top calcium food choices including many non-dairy choices

Acid Alkaline Chart
Guidance on how to achieve a more alkaline diet and why this is critical for bone health

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Stephanie {on the left} and that’s my savvy business partner Jane on the right.
Together, we’re known as The Nourishing Gurus.

Our entire business is built upon a single promise that we made years ago: to help busy professional women feel great, love who they are, and nourish their bodies -even if they feel they don’t have time to.

Yep, and we walk the talk. And we know how it is.

We joined forces in 2013 to form The Nourishing Gurus and needless to say it’s been a match made in health-nut heaven!

But we soon realized that having a busy practice, while also taking care of our families (kids and aging relatives) and fitting in some fun time makes it more difficult to make our health a top priority.

So we went on a mission – to study strategies and shortcuts so we could nourish our bodies without spending hours in the kitchen or feeling deprived.

Today, we have 40 years of combined experience and an unflagging passion for all things nutrition. We’re the go-to source of nutrition information for hundreds of women around the world.

It’s vital to pay attention to your bones TODAY. Don’t wait until you have a fracture or fall.

The good news is that even if you already have signs of bone loss, there are steps you can take to preserve and in some cases even restore some new bone. Superhero Bones is a great addition to your healthy toolbox. 

It’s time to support your bones so they can continue to support YOU!