Before Mega Energy Breakthrough I was already living a healthy lifestyle with what I thought was a “clean” diet. However, I have battled debilitating abdominal pain since I was a teenager and while tests show how inflamed and tore up my digestive tract is no doctor has been able to find a cause. I was starting to not care about what I was eating because no matter what I ate I was in constant pain & discomfort. The Mega Energy Breakthrough program helped me identify some pretty major food sensitivities. It also helped me realize that my “clean” eating plan needed a lot of tuning up. The program helped me revamp my entire outlook on food, my relationship with food, and guided me in how I could tune up my lifestyle even further. On top of all of that this is the first time in more than 20 years that I have been able to enjoy food without abdominal pain. Other than the reactions to my particular food sensitivities, I was pain free 3 days into this program. To say it has been life changing is an understatement! “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough, but know it comes from a full heart!

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