I really want to thank both of you because you have opened my eyes to so much and I love all the knowledge I now have. This program was so worth the money! I had borderline high cholesterol with a family history on both sides of heart disease. I participated in MegaEnergy because I wanted to finally eat like I should be all the time. Even though I had some knowledge of what to change, I never would have done it without this plan and the Guru’s help! I learned so much valuable information about foods, how it affects my body, and healthier ways to cook . . . but most of all I learned that I could do it! I’m almost 50 and I knew my family history would catch up with me if I didn’t change. I am a very picky eater & didn’t know how I was going to stick to it, but I actually found a lot of things I like and can’t imagine not eating this way. By the 2nd day, the difference in how I felt was so dramatic! It has made me happier because I feel great and can feel my body getting healthier, my workouts are even better. It has given me energy that I didn’t realize I was missing