3 Tips For Hosting A Healthy Party

Though you may be one of the few who consider yourself a “super-hoster” who is not phased in the least when you entertain, chances are you are like the rest of us who find it at least somewhat stressful (if not very stressful).

What will I serve? Will everyone have a good time? Will the house look okay? Will I get everything ready in time? Will the mess be a pain to clean up?

We can’t promise to take all that stress away from you, but we can offer you a few tips for how to serve up some fun, delicious food without tossing your good nutrition intentions aside.

Plus, it will leave you with some pretty tasty leftovers that you won’t have to toss (or be constantly tempted by) because they don’t fit into a healthy eating lifestyle.

1).  Buy “upgraded” ready-made ingredients This tip works especially well for appetizers, especially if you want to serve something pretty and impressive looking without spending any time in prep mode (except for chopping a few raw veggies).

2). Make an awesome vegetable dish Party hosters tend to spend all their time focused on the main meat dish and leave a salad or veggie side as more of an afterthought.

3). Have a healthy dessert option. So maybe you’re not ready to give up having cookies or cake for the finale, but its always a great idea to have a healthy dessert option for you AND your guests to eat.

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