Are You a Picker? Learn How to Halt This Habit Before it Derails You

We know unconscious picking is an issue both for ourselves and many of our clients.  Let’s be honest – how often have you found yourself grabbing a handful of chips, pretzels, “just a few” crackers, or a cookie or two from your cookie stash?

If you are feeling a bit out of control, here are 5 strategies to help you cut back on mindless picking.

JOURNAL: Keep a journal for two straight days, jotting down everything you put in your mouth. We are NOT interested in calories here. Have three columns total – 1. time of day 2. how much and what type of food 3. a hunger column.

OBSERVE: Take note of what you eat at your meals. If there is not enough protein and/or fat, the meal may be spiking your blood sugars unknowingly, causing a hunger surge that can be avoided by keeping your meals more balanced. 

BREATHE: Take 3 deep breaths before you put anything in your mouth. Walk away for a minute and see if that can break the “trance.”

INDUCE PAIN:  Ok nothing too serious here, but try putting a rubber band on your wrist and every time you pick, snap it.  This will not only bring awareness to your grazing, but also associate an unpleasant feeling with it.

DRINK:  When in doubt drink water.  Often we snack when we are actually thirsty. The act of drinking may distract you long enough to keep you on track.

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