Do You Eat Out of Love or Fear?

Do you ever stop to think about why you eat what you eat?

Unfortunately, for all the media attention focused on delicious wholesome foods such as nuts, greens and avocados, we also see the same media reporting on the damaging effects of other types of foods.

Gluten? Dairy? Soy? Sugar? You may hear that one food causes cancer or another leads to diabetes.

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We occasionally see clients start to develop what we call “fear based eating.”   Meaning, they avoid certain foods due to fear of what will happen when they eat them.

And IF they happen to eat one of these so-called “bad” foods, they feel so guilty that they either don’t enjoy it or it causes undue stress, anxiety, or hours of self loathing.

Let’s get one thing straight. Unless you have a condition that is greatly improved by completely eliminating certain foods from your diet, such as a chronic digestive disorder, autoimmune disease, or soaring blood sugars, we urge you to ease up a bit and would like to invite you into a new way of thinking.

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