Eating Strategies For Bone Health

As middle age women, we are always on the hunt for how to preserve our bones as we age.

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Osteoporosis, which strikes about 1 in every 4 women, is called a “silent disease” because it progresses without symptoms until a fracture occurs.

And though its true that it develops less often in men than in women, men are NOT immune to this disease.

Most people hear the words bone health and automatically think of one thing – calcium.

Diets that are low in veggies and fruit and high in animal protein, sugars, alcohol and carbs can result in our bodies being mildly acidic, which over time can contribute to bone loss.

Here are some of our favorite bone supporting tips:

1. Eat your veggies (at least 5 servings per day)   - That’s because vegetables top the chart as the most “alkaline” food in our diets and are loaded with fabulous bone-building minerals.

2. Add 6 prunes to your daily diet. - That’s right – cooked or raw, 6 prunes per day have been shown to maintain bone integrity. The real bone magic seems to come from this dried fruit’s combo of vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, boron and other antioxidants that can help reduce bone loss.

3. Add fresh lemon and lime to your water. 4. Limit animal protein. 5.  Drink alkalizing beverages, such as ginger tea, apple cider vinegar in water, herbal teas, hot veggie broths, water with lime/lemon juice, herbal ice tea with lemon.

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