Halloween SOS

The Nourishing Gurus have a few creative “dos and don’ts” for you this Halloween season.

Here are some of our favorite strategies that keep the fun and health in Halloween for you and your kids.

DO trick them with healthy Halloween snacks and foods There’s no sense in trying to ban the candy. But perhaps (before or after trick or treating), you can sneak a bit of healthy food back into the “treat.”

Following are some of the top hits in our families: – Orange, blackberry and mango fruit salad. – Raw carrots and sliced sweet orange peppers. --Roasted pumpkin seeds mixed with raisins and dried apricots.

DON’T get your favorite candy to hand out or get candy too early It will only increase your temptations and if there are leftovers, well we all know what happens then!

DO be savvy with your leftover loot Here are some great ideas that lend an opportunity to teach about the  value of money, giving back, AND their health.

- Start a “trade in” tradition. Let your kids pick a few of their favorite candies and then pile the rest in a designated spot. - Consider Operation Gratitude, a military support organization that sends candy to troops overseas. Dentists buy back candy from kids, then send it to Operation Gratitude, which distributes it to military bases.

DON’T throw away the best part! When cleaning out your  pumpkin, don’t throw away what’s inside.  Pumpkin seeds are very nutritious.  They are rich in amino acids and zinc. Use the seeds to make our most popular snack recipe.

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