How to deal with being near your kitchen 24/7

Being sequestered at home can have its perks, but one downside for many is being in close proximity to a kitchen 24/7. Yikes!

We are continually preaching the importance of feeding your body when it’s physically hungry, and not in response to emotions such as boredom,

The truth is, eating more than your body needs can impact not only your weight but your health, too.

More importantly, if you are eating instead of giving your body what it TRULY needs at the time, you are doing it a disservice.

So what’s the solution? We believe in honoring the body on all levels, which includes eating nourishing food when you’re physically hungry, resting when you are tired, doing breath work or meditating when stressed, etc.

If your answer is a resounding YES, here are some action steps you can take immediately: 1): Take an index card and write Hunger or Habit? on the front

2): On another card, begin to create a list of some of your common emotions/feelings that cause you to eat

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