Is it good to be smokin’ hot?

One of the most common questions we are asked is what kind of oil to use when cooking. And our answer is…it depends.

If you’ve been reading our blog or taken any of our programs, you know that our favorite healthy oils include olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.

Technically speaking, the smoke point is the temperature in which the oil will actually start to smoke. Have you ever noticed that when you leave oil in the pan to heat for too long or at too high a temp, you will actually see smoke coming off the pan?

Oil that has smoked contains fumes that are toxic to inhale, as well as free radicals that are harmful to your health.

So when it comes to higher heat cooking, its more desirable to use an oil or fat that has a higher smoke point. But here’s the catch. Oils that are more refined are the ones that tend to have a higher smoke point.

Coconut oil: (unrefined):  350°F/175°C Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 320°F/165-190°C  (ranges vary, but we prefer to use in salad dressings or added on food after cooking) Avocado Oil:  375-400°F/190-205°C (great mild tasting cooking oil; many other sources have reported it up to 520°F)

So how do our favorite oils stack up when it comes to smoke points?

Check out the list below with additional information about these oils:

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