Lemon Blueberry Cake! Surprise Ingredient

You’re going to have to excuse us from going on and on about blueberries but when these babies are in season we just can’t help ourselves!

Now since we both love baking (including Stephanie’s younger son who is a rock star in the baking department), we came up with this blueberry baked treat for you.

There are a couple of awesome things about this recipe, including the fact that it can be made in ONE bowl (that means no need to separate wet and dry ingredients – yay)!

The other cool thing is that we used lemon essential oil in the recipe to replace the lemon zest.

Scribbled Underline 2

We have been experimenting more and more with using essential oils in our cooking which has been really fun.


This recipe came to be because I realized I did not have any fresh lemons. So I decided to sub the lemon oil instead.

I was able to skip the zesting part and simply tipped in 3 drops of the lemon oil.  Delicious and super easy.

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