Not so average Halloween Advice

The holiday months that take up an entire season, starting with Halloween and ending with New Year’s (or dare we say it, even Valentine’s Day).

Lets Talk about how to manage Halloween (buy candy you don’t like, get rid of leftovers immediately, have healthy substitutes on hand, etc) . . .

This year, we’d like to guide you towards another approach.

Let’s take a moment to look at this whole food thing from a new angle.

When you approach your healthy eating journey from one of nourishment versus deprivation/guilt (“ugh why did I eat that?”), or throwing in the towel (“I’ll just started eating better in January”), you can turn the tide in the other direction.

It’s time to retrain your brain. It’s time to come up with a brand new mantra that comes from a place of strength and confidence instead of passive acceptance.

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