Our 5-Step Plan to Reorganize Your Pantry

Are you one of those people who has a pretty good handle on WHAT to eat, but struggles with prep and planning?

You are NOT alone! This can be especially frustrating when you have a demanding busy schedule and wind up grabbing something “junky” just because you didn’t have a healthy go-to snack or meal ready at hand.

One of our favorite tips to get you started is to get down and dirty with your kitchen pantry. Yup – its time to put your organizational skills to work in your kitchen.

Think about how much more productive your life is when you have your files and closets organized. Well the same rules apply to your “eating” strategies.

So head over to your pantry, take a good hard look, and ask yourself: When is the last time you REALLY cleaned things out?

Let’s begin with our step-by-step approach: Step 1: Dig deep and ditch anything old and stale (we promise this will feel SO good). Step 2: Get out your empty glass jars or head to any supermarket or store like Target or Costco and purchase a pack of mason jars.

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