PM Meal Mastery: Your Guide to Eating in Pre and Post Menopause

Are you looking for a simple roadmap for how to eat in midlife? If so, we’ve got you covered!

PM Meal Mastery was developed in order to fill a gap we saw lacking for women in their peri/post menopausal (PM) years.

It comes after years of research and working with women in midlife and beyond, along with going through this phase ourselves (hello 50s+ ).

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Are frustrated/confused by all the conflicting diet information

Want to take charge of their weight, energy, and moods

Have have noticed changes in their bodies since hitting this milestone

Have fought the yo-yo dieting battle for years





We designed this program specifically for women who:

If you can relate to any of the those, we can promise that you will benefit from the information we share in this unique program.

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The PM PLAN: A walk-through guide on our simple trifecta approach and how to put it into action to design your own meals and snacks

RECIPES: Over 30 delicious, simple, anti-inflammatory recipes tailored for women in PM