Quick Easy Lunch Ideas to the Rescue

Today we wanted to highlight the middle child.   LUNCH!

“Sandwiched” between breakfast and dinner, this mid-day meal often gets lost in the shuffle.

Many of our clients share they are simply at a loss for what to eat or just too busy. So they grab a slice of pizza or maybe even skip lunch altogether.

The problem with these scenarios is not only will your body miss out on the nutrients it needs, you won’t have the energy you need to get through the day.

PLUS, your body will likely start craving more sugar and junk foods when your blood sugar drops. Need some inspiration?

We have a few solutions for you. Number 1: Dinner becomes lunch That’s right. As you are cleaning up from dinner, simply get out your containers and pack up your lunch as you are cleaning up from dinner.

Number 2: Lettuce roll ups We love crunchy, large lettuce leaves as not only do they make a lovely salad but also the perfect house for a lunch wrap.

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