Redefining the word TREAT

When you hear the word treat, what comes to mind?

We can (almost) guarantee your brain conjures up images of your favorite candy bar, ice cream or brownie if your a sweets loving kind of gal, or maybe potato or corn chips if you’re more of the “salty” type.

With that in mind, how many times have you said to yourself: – I had a hard day, I deserve a treat! – I’ve worked so hard on my diet, I deserve a treat! – I had a great workout today, I deserve a treat!

While we are all for recognizing a job well done, we were wondering, since when did we start equating the word treat with something food related?

And why do we always turn our attention to food when we feel the need for a reward?

We have been thinking about this a lot lately, and have come up with two main reasons:

Number 1: Women are so used to restricting themselves, they wind up craving the foods they work so hard to keep out of their diets.

Number 2: We are ingrained since we are little to be rewarded with food (you know, “be a good girl and we’ll get ice cream”). So “treating” with food becomes second nature.