Spring Into SPROUTS!

What exactly ARE sprouts? Sprouting is the practice of germinating seeds, which can then be eaten raw or cooked. Though many may conjure up images of alfalfa sprouts, you can actually sprout almost ANY seed, including grains, vegetables, and beans/lentils.

Our love of sprouted plant foods goes way beyond taste and texture.

Here are just a few: 1. Enzymes: Experts estimate that there can be up to 100 times more enzymes in sprouts than unsprouted foods.

There are numerous documented health benefits that will knock your socks off.

2. Protein: The quality of the protein in the beans, nuts, seeds, or grains improves when it is sprouted.  Proteins change during the soaking and sprouting process, improving its nutritional value. 3. Fiber: The fiber content of the beans, nuts, seeds, or grains increases substantially. 4. Vitamins: Vitamin content increases by up to 20 times the original value.

5. Minerals: During sprouting, minerals bind to protein in the seed, grain, nut, or bean, making them more usable in the body.  This includes calcium, magnesium, and others than help us to balance our body chemistry for weight loss and better health.

6.Energy: The energy contained in the seed, grain, nut, or legume is ignited through soaking and sprouting. This means more energy for YOU to get through your day.

7. Alkalizing: Sprouts are alkalizing to your body.  Many illnesses including cancer have been linked to excess acidity in the body.

Want some ideas for how to include sprouted foods in your diet?  It’s easier (and more delicious) than you could imagine. They can be found at most supermarkets and all health foods stores. Sprouts come in all shapes and sizes. Add some Leafy Sprouts or Bean Sprouts – or even Grain Sprouts to a salad of garden vegetables – OR better yet – use nothing but sprouts and toss with a little oil and vinegar or your favorite dressing.

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