Want a Quick “Homemade” Meal? Hungry Root to the Rescue!

Speaking of food finds, your Nourishing Guru team is always on the lookout for new and improved foods and ingredients that we are excited to bring not only into our own kitchens, but yours as well.

This week we want to share our newest discovery – Hungry Root. This is not a restaurant but a line of pre-packaged meals based all around root vegetables.

The Hungry Root company uses some type of root vegetable as the main ingredient in every dish.

The entrees are based around a large portion of spirulized veggies, including such stars as turnips, celeriac and carrots.

These are sauteed in a touch of olive oil, and then tossed with a variety of add-ins to create a simple dish in under 10 minutes. A few of the choices have the option of adding chicken.

The creative flavors, spices, and add-ins are truly amazing.

We tried a few variations such as the carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut sauce, turnips with toasted walnut pesto/roasted falafel, and celery root with sweet basil gremolata.

We also loved the almond chickpea cookie dough. The dough comes packed in a container and all you need to do it scoop into rounds onto a cookie sheet and bake.

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