Why Meditation Is Crucial In Midlife

As we navigate the midlife years, it’s easy to feel like many of the changes we go through are out of our control.

Though evidence is overwhelming that an anti-inflammatory diet and regular exercise can do wonders for our health..


we wanted to bring your attention today to an equally important piece of the picture that is often neglected . . . STRESS management 

Stress can also affect your sleep and eating choices too, usually not for the better.

• production of androgen hormones (i.e. testosterone) and cortisol

• properly utilizing carbohydrates and fats

• controlling blood sugar

• promoting proper cardiovascular function

Keep in mind that our adrenals already have a heavy workload, including:

That’s why we always address stress when working with our clients. Though we employ many strategies

one of our favorite tools you can start using right away is meditation.

Meditation is an incredibly effective, simple, PROVEN way to reduce stress in the body.