Normally when we think about side effects, it relates to something negative. Like how the side effect of taking certain medications or eating a poor quality diet can result in things like headaches, joint pain, brain fog, digestive upset, sleeplessness, and the like.  

But there’s a flip side!

What about the positive side effects that come from taking CARE of your body? Not only do we experience this ourselves, but we hear it from clients every day who get to benefit from the wonderful side effects of following a healthy eating plan.

That’s right. We see weight loss efforts improving reflux and joint pain. Dietary changes to reduce blood sugars also stabilize hormones, thyroid fluctuations, mood swings, energy levels and sleep.

And so on . . . 

These are the kind of side effects we love to hear about! 

The reason this happens is a combination of factors:

1. When you start treating the body as a whole, you realize that all the systems of the body work together and are intimately connected. Yep, digestion, the immune system, metabolism – all work together.

2. Snowball Behavior  this is when you start one positive behavior and find that it is easier to layer more positive behaviors. So for instance, when you decide include more vegetables in your diet, you suddenly feel more encouraged to cut back on your sugar intake, or exercise more. 

We would love to hear from you!  What “side effects” have you noticed as a result of healthy eating habits? 

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