The Simply Nourished Solution

A fully supported, 90 day holistic program for Women over 50:
✓ Stop losing and gaining the same weight over and over
✓ Heal your relationship with food
✓ Help you feel good in your body again
✓ Be empowered and in control of your food choices

This transformational program is only offered a few times throughout the year, check below for more info:

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Mega Energy Breakthrough 

Want to have more energy, consistently throughout the day?
✓ Jumpstart your metabolism
✓ Reduce inflammation that affects your heart, weight and blood sugars
✓ Break out of your unhealthy eating rut
✓ Eliminate foods that create unwanted gas and bloating
✓ Ditch sugar and coffee cravings
✓ Increase your energy (avoiding spikes and dips)
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PM (Post Menopause) Meal Mastery

For women in post menopause, this easy to follow program includes:
A healthy eating plan to manage weight that tastes great and will not leave you feeling deprived
Your own roadmap for how to put nourishing meals together without counting calories
A formula to have more control over cravings so you can feel a sense of peace between meals
Knowledge around what nutrients are vital in your post menopausal years
✓​ A go-to guide so you have less stress around what to eat and how to make it happen

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