Apple Veggie CasseroleThis is the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and makes a wonderful side dish for everyday or even a holiday.
Banana Fro-YoThis is absolutely delicious on its own. But oh so fun to play around and mix in other stuff!
Basil PestoYou won’t miss the parmesan in this dairy-free version that is rich with anti-inflammatory olive oil and garlic, omega-3 walnuts, and yummy basil (vit K, A, C, antioxidants).
Blueberry Lovers SaladThe salad itself has only TWO ingredients, but it’s the simple dressing that brings it to life.
Carrot Cake SmoothieThis sweet, high-protein carrot cake alternative is a perfect smoothie for anytime of the day!
Cashew DipThis dip lends a creamy consistency and wonderful mild flavor that mixes well with most spices.
Chickpea PancakesSavory OR sweet! A winning recipe in our book with just the right amount of protein & healthy fat.
Cranberry SauceThis recipe allows for a modest amount of raw honey without overpowering the tartness and healthy benefits of the vitamin C and antioxidant-rich cranberries.
Creamy Potato SaladInstead of piling on the mayo to adorn your tots, try this light and luxurious recipe.
Detox Veggie SoupEnjoy this delicious veggie soup packed with many anti-oxidant rich ingredients.
Fresh Corn SaladThis delicious addition to your summer BBQ will instantly upgrade your spread.
Gingerbread Pear CrispEnjoy this “dessert” which is so healthy you could eat it for leftovers at breakfast.
Guru GatoradeDitch the sugar and artificial sweeteners and colors found in Gatorade
Harvest SaladWow your guests with this colorful rainbow harvest salad, which is packed with multiple vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.
Homemade Almond MilkA simple recipe to replace store bought almond milk without the mystery ingredients.
Honey Tahini CookiesA versatile treat that can be used as breakfast treat on the go, afternoon snack, or a holiday cookie
Jicama FriesThese fries have a crisp texture and fruit-like succulent, sweet-starchy taste
Kraut Salad DressingDon’t waste the probiotic rich juice that is leftover in the jar when the sauerkraut is gone. Use it for dressing!
Lemony Berry PureeThis chilled treat is so healthy it is even a good option for breakfast.
Mediterranean SaladBreak out of your lettuce, carrot, cucumber rut (and bottled dressing) and whip up a Mediterranean salad with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette
Quinoa Tabouli SaladA delicious recipe that combines a sprouted grain mixed with raw sprouted beans.
Rockin’ Rainbow ChiliThis is the perfect all-in-one type of dish to use as leftovers for another night’s dinner or next day lunch.
Spaghetti & Meat SauceUse this recipe in place of any pasta dish you already make & don't hesitate to get creative with the toppings.
Stuffed Acorn SquashThis recipe can be served as the main dinner entrée along with a simple salad, or used as a side dish for fish or chicken.
Sweet Greens SmoothieThis is a great starter green smoothie if you are a newbie to including veggies along with fruit.
Upside Down Fruit TartSimple recipe good enough for company! Can double as snack or breakfast as it's so low in added sugar.
Vanilla Chia PuddingPrep this pudding ahead then grab it quickly on the go! With raspberries and cacao nibs this has almost 17 grams of fiber!
White Bean DipThis dip is delicious and packed with fiber and protein.
Zucchini PastaThis makes a great sub for pasta if you are trying to cut back on starchy carbs and/or gluten.