We get it, with a busy schedule it’s hard to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle

Does {any of} this sound like you?

Your to-do list is forever growing

You’ve gone on and off so many different diets but nothing seems to stick

You often don’t recognize the wilting veggies that you bought with good intentions, so into the trash they go

You plan to make a healthy meal after answering just one more email and before you know it, its too late to cook

You’re tired of feeling blah/bloated/tired (you fill in the blank) but don’t feel you have time to make a change or don’t know where to start

The thought of cooking stresses you out

What if instead you could…

  • Feel happier knowing you have a real healthy eating plan in place
  • Have quick, easy alternatives to take-out/drive-thru
  • Feel confident, knowing that if you need something to eat at the last minute you have it right in your kitchen
  • Think differently about preparing food and eating healthy
  • Wake up each morning feeling proud that you found a healthy lifestyle you can stick to
  • And best of all, get your desired results and feel more in control of your life

It’s ALL possible.

Hi, We’re Jane (Registered Dietitian) and Stephanie (Certified Nutrition Consultant) – the Nourishing Gurus!

After 40 years’ combined experience in the nutrition space, we’ve nailed down a toolbox of strategies to help women nourish themselves even when they are strapped for time.

If you’re reading this you most likely:

Are overwhelmed and often feel you don’t have time to cook or eat healthy meals.

Are over being fed miracle cures and ridiculous diets – like ones that require you live off kale (or count every calorie, macro or point that goes into your mouth – talk about overwhelming)!

Feel so busy, and are in need of a long-term and sustainable solution to help you feel amazing, improve your focus, amp up your energy and attain your desired weight

Want a solution that allows you to do it while enjoying life (and a little red wine here or slice of red velvet cake there. 😉 )

That’s where Simply Nourished comes in.

What is Simply Nourished?

It’s all about healthy eating for a busy lifestyle – yep, 6 weeks to Stocking, Improving your Mindset and Planning for a healthy LifestYle

We created Simply Nourished because the majority of our clients state that the number one obstacle to staying on track with healthy eating is lack of time.  And eating healthy on a time budget is what we are all about.

The strategies covered in this program are vital to having success long term.

Imagine feeling confident that you have the tools to eat healthy.  Even during life/work crunch times.

I have lost weight too without portion controlling or calorie counting. I hate cooking but love the recipes from Jane and Stephanie!!! Makes all this sooo much easier I really cant express how much easier for me. Jane and Stephanie hold the right secret to success for health and weight loss – this is how is should be done – it really is easy and it does work!! Thank you for a new life!

Cathy G

Wanna know what you get?

Here are all the goodies included in Simply Nourished:

6 WEEKS TO HEALTHY EATING: Short easy-to follow trainings with action steps to help you with the following:

  • Stocking your kitchen: this is really the foundation to Simply Nourished.  Have a well stocked kitchen so you can have everything you need on hand to pull together healthy meals in snap.
  • Shopping Guide: No need to reinvent the wheel, just print and go.
  •  Planning:  incorporating this habit and making planning second nature will save you tons of time.
  • Recipes galore (over 75!):  We’re known for our quick easy recipes that are also delicious. Many of these will become your new go-tos and no chef training necessary!
  • Reference Guides: Including our 10 in 10 (10 meals in 10 minutes),  Brand Name Fast Foods (guide to our version of fast foods), Healthy Dining out and Takeout, Meal Delivery guide, and more.
  • Time Saving/Time Management Tips: Knowing shortcuts is key to maintaining your sanity. Evaluating your time will be an eye opener.
  • Reframing your thoughts: if you don’t change the way you are thinking, you will quickly fall back on old habits.
  • Forming new habits: including our worksheet – 25 Healthy Habit Ideas.  Changing habits doesn’t happen overnight but with the strategies we provide you will be well on your way to having positive new habits.

Plus, we have some great bonuses for you as well!

  • Nutrition Smarts Workshop: this covers it all – what to eat, what to avoid and what foods to be sure to get in to your day, so you don’t have to spend any more time buying diet books or looking up.information online.
  • Slow Eating for the Fast Paced Life: learn our mindful eating techniques that teach you fundamentals of how, why, and when to eat to maximize your health and reach your goal weight.

Why Us?

Our entire business is built upon a single promise that we made years ago: to help busy professional women feel great, love who they are, and nourish their bodies – even if they feel they don’t have time to.

Yep, and we walk the talk.

After joining forces, we soon realized that having a busy practice (while also taking care of our families and fitting in some fun time), made it more difficult to make our health a top priority.

So we went on a mission – to study strategies and shortcuts so we could nourish our bodies and teach our clients to do the same, without spending hours in the kitchen or feeling deprived.

And the good news is this: even if you feel strapped for time, you CAN learn how to nourish your body with easy steps. We wholeheartedly believe that Simply Nourished is one of the best ways to start!

Ready. Set.  Nourish yourself, Simply.

The changes I chose to make were simple to do and I saw results right away.. It’s a great program to learn about healthier alternatives and ways to incorporate them into your own lifestyle at your own pace. And there are great tips on mindful eating and how to better tune into the signals your body sends so you can make more informed eating choices. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that I can use to continue making improvements going forward. Thanks Jane and Stephanie!!

Diane G