My inflammation story … is how I eventually came to know Jane and Stephanie. Prior to working with them on my condition I worked with two other nutritionists who improved my condition somewhat but it wasn’t until I was under the Nourishing Guru’s guidance in the last 6 months that I feel like the Cathe of four years ago has returned. They are a superb nutritional team who have been a GREAT source of help for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks me if I know of any really good nutritionists.

Cathe Friedrich 

Before Mega Energy Breakthrough, I suffered from bloating and digestive issues almost every time I ate. I also suffered from lack of energy and some days it was hard for me to find the energy to get through the day. Through this program, I have learned the foods to eat to eliminate the bloating and gas problems and now those problems are gone. I have also found energy that I never knew I had. I no longer dread the evenings and I have the energy to go home after work and really be there for my children and spend quality time with them that they need and that I need. Stephanie and Jane have taught me so much through this program and I would recommend this program to anybody!! I just want to say thank you to you both for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me and helping me to understand the way to eat in order to feel great. This experience was honestly priceless!!

Melissa Lawley

I joined the cleanse because I was interested in detoxifying my body. I found the protocol quite easy to follow and loved the recipes, especially the smoothies! Once I figured out how much I needed to eat I was quite satisfied, and didn’t miss my “normal” foods at all. I did not come into this program expecting to lose weight; however, I lost 6.5 pounds during the week, a lot of which seemed to be belly fat. I have lost 1.5 inches from my waist, which is where I really needed to lose it. I feel happy and energized!

Betsy McLeod

I really want to thank both of you because you have opened my eyes to so much and I love all the knowledge I now have. This program was so worth the money! I had borderline high cholesterol with a family history on both sides of heart disease. I participated in MegaEnergy because I wanted to finally eat like I should be all the time. Even though I had some knowledge of what to change, I never would have done it without this plan and the Guru’s help! I learned so much valuable information about foods, how it affects my body, and healthier ways to cook . . . but most of all I learned that I could do it! I’m almost 50 and I knew my family history would catch up with me if I didn’t change. I am a very picky eater & didn’t know how I was going to stick to it, but I actually found a lot of things I like and can’t imagine not eating this way. By the 2nd day, the difference in how I felt was so dramatic! It has made me happier because I feel great and can feel my body getting healthier, my workouts are even better. It has given me energy that I didn’t realize I was missing

Cindy Weckel

I just got on the scale this morning and I was 149 for the first time in years. When I started [the program] I was 160! Your advice is right on track and I feel so much better about how I am treating the inside of my body. Through this program I was able to reconnect with food in a way I had forgotten since becoming a mother, working full time, and living a harried life. I learned about foods and food products that I was unfamiliar with and loved trying the great recipes! Having Jane and Stephanie’s expertise and positive energy was a great motivator. I feel better even after 7 days and now know what to focus on for better health for me and my family. Thank you, Gurus!

Kathy Maldonado

Before Mega Energy Breakthrough I was already living a healthy lifestyle with what I thought was a “clean” diet. However, I have battled debilitating abdominal pain since I was a teenager and while tests show how inflamed and tore up my digestive tract is no doctor has been able to find a cause. I was starting to not care about what I was eating because no matter what I ate I was in constant pain & discomfort. The Mega Energy Breakthrough program helped me identify some pretty major food sensitivities. It also helped me realize that my “clean” eating plan needed a lot of tuning up. The program helped me revamp my entire outlook on food, my relationship with food, and guided me in how I could tune up my lifestyle even further. On top of all of that this is the first time in more than 20 years that I have been able to enjoy food without abdominal pain. Other than the reactions to my particular food sensitivities, I was pain free 3 days into this program. To say it has been life changing is an understatement! “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough, but know it comes from a full heart!

Nancy Ott

I learned so much from this program it’s hard to know where to start. I learned to listen to my body for hunger signs so I no longer count calories. I also learned when to stop eating and what happens to my body when I overeat. I learned how to make healthy food choices. Most of all I learned how to get control back. Control over food so I can enjoy it, not fear it. The support in this program is terrific!! Both nutritionists answered any questions I had and the other participants were very supportive. The recipes provided are so good that there is no need to feel deprived. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about food, how it affects their body and anyone who wants to feel great!  Thank you Stephanie and Jane!! I think I have said everything; you two are my best “find”.

Jackie Currie

This was my first cleanse and I was a bit apprehensive about how I would feel during the process. Would I be uncomfortable, hungry or have digestive issues? No! I felt great the whole time. I lost a few pounds, my belly bloat was gone and I didn’t crave unhealthy food & drinks. I think it helped that I was eating fairly clean prior to the cleanse by loosely following the Mega Energy Plan (also offered by The Nourishing Gurus). The private Facebook page is a great place to find support, ask questions and share experiences. Stephanie & Jane are awesome and always available to promptly respond to any questions whether on the FB page or by email. They clearly explain the science behind what we are doing and how it affects our body all the way down to the cellular level. The guide and protocols are easy to understand and the recipes are amazing! I am so thankful to Cathe Friedrich for introducing the gurus on her website and I look forward to doing more programs with them in the future.

Judi Schenian

The more I stick with these principles the more I feel it as a life change rather than a diet. No real cravings either! I was stunned at how good the recipes are with all those healthy ingredients, some of which I have never tried before . . . 5 stars to Stephanie and Jane’s fabulous recipes!

Susan Wiley

I wanted to thank you both, Stephanie Goodman and Jane Schwartz Harrison, this has been an amazing program! I went into this with some inflammation issues including joint pain, migraines, and bloating after eating. I have lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. I do not get the bloating after eating and I feel so much better overall!

Tonya Miller

Ever since I can remember I’ve had trouble waking up in the morning because I’ve felt so tired. It made no difference if I got 6 or 8 or even 10 hours of sleep a night. I’ve had blood work done but they never found anything. Well, this has completely changed since I’ve been on this program! I am now getting up at around 5 am without an alarm! This is huge for me. I cannot tell you what a difference this is making in my life. The funny thing is that I didn’t really have an awareness of really just how tired I was until I started this program and felt much more energy. I really am amazed at the change. Another great benefit is that I always wanted to meditate in the morning but could never get up early enough. I started meditating on Day 2 and am still going strong!

Cathy B.

I lost 10 pounds! But more importantly, I ate clean for the 21 days straight. This was first time I actually completed a program. I slept great. Woke up without hitting snooze button!

K. Johnson

This is my third cleanse and what I feel is so important is that each time it becomes easier to become aware of my own body and its response to certain foods. Also with each cleanse I have been able to move forward with trying something new such as brushing & deep breathing. Feeling good and making permanent lifestyle changes are a constant work in progress. This cleanse I was able to enjoy the process and not overwhelm myself with pressure to perform perfectly. The questions and comments on Facebook are also very enlightening.

Betty Toto

My husband has been joining me on this journey by enjoying the recipes from your programs and has lost over 25 pounds. His blood work has come back great. He hopes to be taken off of blood pressure and cholesterol meds at his next appointment. Thanks so much for all your help and support.

Samantha Price
New Jersey

This past week has truly been a journey for me. I no longer look at food as a treat, or reward. Instead, food is nutrients, period. Food is fuel for my body. The better the fuel, the better the performance. I am happy to say that I’ve lost 8 pounds. I proved to myself that I could “do this cleanse” but more importantly, I am I confident that I have a new way of living. Not only that but it’s healthy and it feels good! I also have a new mantra. Someone mentioned it early in the week, and I heard it before, but it didn’t sink in until now. “Nothing tastes as good, as healthy feels!”

Roseanne K.
New Jersey

Great program! Great strategies! Awesome support! Delicious recipes!


I have lost over 30 lbs. I have no cravings for carbs or sugar or anything for that matter. That is a miracle for someone who loved to eat sugar on a daily basis!

New Jersey

I have much more energy today; its 8:15 and I have already changed linens, started cooking, have a wash going, and dusted all the furniture. I usually have no energy and do these things in small segments. Also I lost another pound (10 pounds total). Thank you Gurus!

North Carolina

Ladies you are WONDERFUL! I have finally gained the confidence to eat how I want without worrying about what others think. Most importantly I have gained enough knowledge and been given the tools to feel confident with sticking with this lifestyle change. I truly appreciate what you are accomplishing. It’s tentacles are hitting the next generation!! If you are considering working with the Nourishing Gurus, all I can say is — don’t hesitate, jump in!

New Jersey