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Feel great after 50

The healthiest way to lose weight and support wellness.

Now is your time.

Some things get harder after 50.
Weight loss doesn’t have to be one of them.

In fact, the years after menopause can be the perfect time to solidify the nutrition and habits that will help you maintain your ideal weight and feel better than ever.

As a woman over 50..

Your body is not the same…

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    Menopause is changing your hormones and impacting your weight and belly fat
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    A lifetime of losing and regaining the same weight has altered your metabolism
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    Your old dieting habits aren’t helping, but they feel ingrained and hard to budge
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    Lower energy levels zap your joy and make healthy choices harder

But you are not the same, either…

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    You’re at a crossroads and ready to make a change
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    You’ve seen over and over what doesn’t work
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    You’re open to solutions that work with, not against, your changing body
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    You’re finally seizing time to care for yourself
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    You’re ready to embrace all life has to offer in this new chapter
Let’s get you started


nourished SolutionTM

Exclusively for women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

  • Break through your metabolic barriers
  • Love your body and finally weigh what you should
  • Restore your vitality and thrive in menopause

“These ladies are WONDERFUL! I finally gained the confidence to eat how I want without worrying about what others think. Most importantly, I now have enough knowledge and tools to stick with this lifestyle change. If you are considering working with the Nourishing Gurus, don’t hesitate — jump in!”

Betty from New Jersey

What’s blocking your weight loss?

You’re not doomed to gain weight after 50! Find out what’s standing between you and the healthy weight, energy and freedom you’re looking for.

Nourishing Gurus


Nourishing Gurus

We’re Jane and Stephanie, a nutrition wellness center team dedicated to helping women over 50 step off the dieting roller coaster so they can get healthy, and stay healthy, well into retirement. Our approach has been perfected over decades of identifying what brings lasting change for our clients — and for ourselves, since we’re over 50, too!

Our supported online programs give you the confidence and skills to overcome a lifetime of diet misinformation, nourish your body in menopause, and finally lose weight in a sane and permanent way.


The Daily Meal
princeton packet

Irresistible Cravings?

Sugar and carb cravings are common as women age. When the next surge hits, grab one of the 7 Powerful Emergency Cravings Tools we use to help our clients get the upper hand.

Nourishing Gurus Emergency Cravings Toolkit

Our Nutrition And Lifestyle Programs

Are expert led

Brought to you by top health and wellness pros who specialize in the physiology and weight loss of women over 50.

We’ve helped hundreds of women just like you achieve their health goals and live fully.

Honor your body as it changes

Designed for the unique hormonal, metabolic and energy needs of women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Learn safe and supportive ways to nourish your body as it ages.

Break the damaging cycle of dieting

We work to gently roll back the damage dieting does to your body and mindset, as you learn to dump toxic packaged foods and unnatural extreme diets.

You learn to nourish your body with health as a goal — and weight loss as a benefit.

Work with your body, not against it

If you’ve felt like you’re in a tug of war with your weight for most of your life, you’ll learn how to meet your goals without fighting.

Our natural approach gently supports your body with the nutrition and care it needs to come into healthy balance.

If you’re ready for a weight loss approach by women, for women in your season of life, let’s get started.

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stephanie goodman

If you’ve spent your life hopping from one diet to another…If you’ve always cared for others while denying yourself: This is your time. Our weight loss programs help women finally stop yo-yo dieting, take charge of their health, and live vibrantly in midlife and beyond.


stephanie goodman