This recipe was adapted from one of my favorite chefs, Rebecca Katz. She does a lot of work with cancer patients, so all her recipes are super tasty and also easy to digest. The recipe called for chicken on the bone, though I am sure it would be good with boneless (I used chicken on the bone). Be sure to use a good organic chicken, always important for weight and health reasons.

This is the type of recipe that ends up like crockpot chicken – that “fall of the bone” delicious stewy mix that creates fantastic leftovers; the kind you can pack into lettuce leaves or collard wraps for those who are avoiding bread/gluten. See the pic below where I added spinach to my leftovers and had it for a late snow-day breakfast.

This recipe would also be deserving of 1-2 cups of added chunks of diced turnips or celeriac, nice potato substitutes which are less starchy. They can be added in the same step as the tomato sauce. Enjoy!

Savory Chicken Stew Recipe HERE.