If the cookie monster could pick his favorite time of year, December would DEFINITELY be it.

Yup – it’s a trifecta all right. If you’re not baking for Santa, you are likely either attending a holiday party or whipping up a batch or two of your own to share with friends, family and neighbors.

So in the spirit of cookie season, we wanted to share a fabulous cookie recipe that is not only special enough for gift giving, but also simple to make, really delicious, and healthy.

We deliver on a “sink your teeth into” chocolate chip cookie that doesn’t break the sugar bank and offers up a dose of healthy fats, nourishing spices, and bone supportive gelatin, which lends a delightfully chewy texture to the finished product.

New to the amazing benefits of gelatin? You can read more about gelatin and our favorite brands HERE.

Ready for the recipe? We both tested it out in our own households and it was a smash hit all around. Grab our Chocolate Chip Ginger Thumbprint Cookies HERE (makes about 20 cookies).

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