Coleslaw with a Thai Twist

Stephanie and I love finding and creating recipes that taste fantastic, highlight healthy ingredients, and are easy to prepare. I found a variation of this Thai dressing online and decided to combine it with shredded veggies to make a “fall coleslaw.” It was so good the first time around, I immediately went out and got the ingredients to make it again.

I love the varying colors of red, orange and purple (think anti-oxidants folks)! The creamy dressing is packed with heart healthy fats from organic sesame oil and tahini, mixed with the perfect blend of ginger and lime, and just a small touch of honey.

The results? Simply divine.

thai coleslaw dressing_f

Thai Coleslaw Recipe HERE.

This combines really well with leftover chicken, meat, shrimp, etc for an all-in-one salad. Great snack too.

stephanie goodman and jane schwartz


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