Garlic Scapes

I love this time of year! The farmer’s markets are in full swing and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are available.  A few years ago, my neighbor and I were at the local market and saw something that looked interesting.

Have you heard of garlic scapes?  They are the stalks from garlic plants and only available for a short time each season.  They have a mild garlic flavor.  The way I use them is in a stir fry.  I mix them in with other vegetables (whatever else I happened to get at the market) and they taste great.

The scapes keep fairly well in the fridge – several weeks.  The farmer also told me that I could freeze them, but I never have any left over to freeze.  I’ve heard you can make pesto using the scapes and I also saw this recipe that looks delicious.  So if you are fortunate enough to see some garlic scapes at the market, give them a try!

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