Nourishing our bones in mid life is a must. Unfortunately, many women we see are already experiencing bone loss so common in this age group.

Here are some common mistakes we often see when it comes to calcium supplements:

  • Taking too much calcium from a supplement, without taking into consideration how much is also coming from food
  • Not balancing the calcium with other bone supporting nutrients, especially enough magnesium
  • Taking too much calcium at one time

Let’s address these one by one.:

(1) An ideal goal is to consume about 1,200 mg of calcium TOTAL from food and supplements. So if you are taking a full dose from your pills and also getting calcium from your food, you are likely overdoing it. This can actually be BAD for your bones and can create build up in your arteries and other areas of the body.

We suggest taking an inventory of your dietary sources of calcium and then supplementing if needed.

(2) Calcium is only ONE nutrient that supports your bones. There are at least 17+ other co factors that are important for maintaining healthy bones.

When you take just calcium, you are neglecting other vitamins and minerals that also play a critical role, such as vitamin D, magnesium, boron, potassium, and silica, just to name a few.

(3) Did you know that we can only absorb about 500mg of calcium at once? So if you are taking a 500mg cap at breakfast along with 300-400mg from your yogurt or calcium fortified almond milk, you won’t be absorbing the entire amount.

Also keep in mind that proper bone health is closely tied to an alkaline diet which is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and low in processed carbs (think white flour) and sugar. This should always be your foundation 🙂

We take a DEEP dive into this and other essential needs for women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in our PM Meal Mastery program, which is a scientifically-backed nutrition plan for optimal health, energy, and confidence after menopause.