Want a Quick “Homemade” Meal? Hungry Root to the Rescue!

When we are out of our work element, Stephanie and I keep in touch by texting each other pictures of our favorite traveling ‘food finds.’ Most recently, I got pictures of delicious food from her coveted Pittsburgh restaurant Eden. She in turn got pics from an organic chain restaurant called Pret that Marc and I wandered into (started in London and has since made its way to many US cities). It’s always refreshing to find a chain committed to fresh organic food.

Speaking of food finds, your Nourishing Guru team is always on the lookout for new and improved foods and ingredients that we are excited to bring not only into our own kitchens, but yours as well.

This week we want to share our newest discovery – Hungry Root.

This is not a restaurant but a line of pre-packaged meals based all around root vegetables. Stephanie stumbled upon their Facebook page a few weeks ago and after some investigation, got in contact with them.

A few days later we received a large package with a few of their main dishes, one side dish, and one dessert. We immediately set up a time for our taste test experiment (one of our toughest job duties – lol).

Let me just say we have done many taste testings in our time (some hits/many misses), so it’s always a pleasant surprise when we come across something we REALLY love and are super excited to share with our community. This is one of those finds!

As you may have gathered from their name, the Hungry Root company uses some type of root vegetable as the main ingredient in every dish. The entrees are based around a large portion of spirulized veggies, including such stars as turnips, celeriac and carrots. These are sauteed in a touch of olive oil, and then tossed with a variety of add-ins to create a simple dish in under 10 minutes. A few of the choices have the option of adding chicken.

The creative flavors, spices, and add-ins are truly amazing. We tried a few variations such as the carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut sauce, turnips with toasted walnut pesto/roasted falafel, and celery root with sweet basil gremolata. My college-age son Ben was also around at the time and we made him part of the taste testing crew. It was thumbs up all around!

We also loved the almond chickpea cookie dough (surprise root veggie is sweet potato -see Stephanie making them below). The dough comes packed in a container and all you need to do it scoop into rounds onto a cookie sheet and bake.

HR steph

The only one we sampled that was not worthy of our 5 star rating was one of their side dishes (a root risotto with thyme and apple).

But the best part, aside from the amazing flavors and generous portions, is that the ingredients are super clean. Like, there is nothing unpronounceable. Just whole foods and simple ingredients, and all gluten free to boot (most are dairy free as well). Do you know how rare that is in pre-packaged meals? We love it!

We also want to mention the price point is very reasonable. A main entree without chicken is around $10 (with chicken, $12), but the portions are super generous and can easily serve two people.

Want to find out more? Check out their website HERE. Use the code NOURISHING20 and you will get 20% off your first order. Let us know if you try them and what you think!

Oh and if you want some great recipe tips for quick easy meals, our Top 7 Fast Foods article has some great ideas.

stephanie goodman and jane schwartz


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