We want to share a special concept that can help you think about your health in a new light.

It has to do with an analogy between your health and a bank account.

Think of it this way. Your financial bank account is a balance between your money deposits and withdrawals.

But when your withdrawals are greater than your deposits, you’re on the road to financial trouble. 

Well it’s the same thing with health. We all have a “health bank account” that also consists of a balance between deposits and withdrawals.

In this case, deposits would consist of things like regular exercise, a nourishing diet, strategies for stress reduction like yoga or meditation, targeted supplements, etc.

And what about the withdrawals?

These would include things like toxins in the air, water and food, lack of quality sleep, stressors in our work and personal life, etc. Though some of these withdrawals are not within our control, the truth is that as long as you can minimize the withdrawals – and place extra emphasis on the deposits – you will never be in the red.  

Not only will an abundance of health deposits enhance your current state of health, it builds a reserve that can help you get through periods when there are a lot of withdrawals.

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