We get SO frustrated when we see foods being promoted as healthy when the sad reality is, they are quite the opposite.

The food industry is huge, and spends billions of dollars doing whatever they can to sell their products, often at the expense of the consumer. Many times, their claims are totally misleading.

The truth is that at this time in our lives, we have to be extra careful with what we put in our bodies. After menopause, we are even more prone to inflammation and it becomes harder to balance blood sugar, clear out toxins, and keep our livers and arteries in good shape.

Because of this reality, we want to empower you to make good choices so you can stay healthy and age gracefully. 

Avoiding too much sugar and fried foods is obvious. But what about foods that have sneaky advertising? Unfortunately, there are too many to count. In this post, we are sharing 6 of the worst offenders. Ladies, please take these off your shopping list! Normally we are not known to restrict our clients with  “NEVER eat this advice,” but these six foods are so damaging, and the labeling so misleading, we would be remiss if we didn’t let you in on this important information. 

We lay it all out in THIS video. Watch carefully and take notes as we do mention a few healthy alternatives! And we would like to know . . . are you eating any of these 6 foods? Let us know in the comments below the video.